Installation Guide

# Installation Guide

# We have added the installer for easy installation experience and it can be accessed by adding /install at the end url.

Installation Difficulty? - Laravel installation might be tricky for some users. It will be fine as long as you know how to set domain/subdomain root path or have performed Laravel installation before.

# Step 1: Preparation

# Please upload all the extracted files and folder to your server. Your folder will have these folders & files

        ├── app
        ├── bootstrap
        ├── config
        ├── database
        ├── modules
        ├── packages
        ├── public
        ├── resources
        ├── routes
        ├── storage
        ├── tests
        ├── vendor
        ├── .gitignore
        ├── .htaccess
        ├── artisan
        ├── composer.json
        ├── composer.lock
        └── server.php
        └── webpack.mix.js

Standard/Extended License? - If you have purchased standard or extended license, please run install dependencies before following these steps by running composer install

Set correct root path - You need to set the root path for domain/subdomain to public directory inside MPS download/extracted files.

# You can access the installer by added /install at the end of your domain i.e,

https: // / install for main domain installation https: // / subfolder / install for sub directory installation https: // / install for sub domain directory installation

You will need to prepare these details (mentioned at installer page)

  1. License details:
    • Purchased by (username/email)
    • Licence Key / Purchase code
  2. Database server details:
    • Database Hostname
    • Database Name
    • Database Username
    • Database Password User must have all the privileges on the database

# Step 2: Licence Agreement

Please read the license details and accept.

# Step 3: Pre-Install Checklist

If there is any server config change required, you will see the details on this page. You need to resolve these before proceeding to next step. If you are not sure about any issue, simply Google it or check with your host/server administrator.

# Step 4: Verify your License

Please fill username and license key/purchase code and click next to verify, if you set error, please double check your purchase details and try again. It still same, please email to with your license key/purchase code, we will check and update you.

# Step 5: Installation Configuration

Please fill the form with your database server details hostname, database, username and password. Please make sure that

  • database is empty
  • the hostname is correct
  • user has all the privileges on the database

# Step 6: Create User Account

Please fill the form to create super user account.

# Step 7: Finalize Installation

We are almost done, it's time to finalize the installation. If you need some demo data, you can generate from this page before pressing the Finalize button.

You must press the Finalize installation button to complete the installation.

# Step 8: Setup Cron job

Please setup cron job for

* * * * * cd /path/to/UploadFolder && php artisan schedule:run >> /dev/null 2>&1

It's okay to run the schedule every minute as it won't run if there is no task. But if you don't want then you can set to run once/twice an hour.

# Step 9: Add required application data

Please login to app and add following data

  1. Add Account
  2. Add Location
  3. Add Category
  4. Add Customer
  5. Update Settings
    • App Settings
    • Mail Settings
    • Payment Settings
    • Scale Barcode Settings
    • Upload default application Logo

Can I start again? - Yes, if there is any issue on any step and you can't pass then you can cancel and start over again with new database or settings. If you want to use the same database, please make sure it's empty. If there are any tables, you can drop them.