Welcome to MPS Guide

# Welcome to MPS Guide

# Modern POS Solution Documentation (version 1.0)

# Thank you for purchasing Modern Point of Sale Solution, this is beta, pre-release version.

We have tested the back-end, however the front-end is not yet tested. We have released it to get valued feedback of end users, while we improving the front-end application. These is auto update feature that can be enabled/disabled in settings. It will check for update on your desired time range of selected day. We have tested the auto updater but still there could be chance of trouble. If you have any issue, please do ask question at support portal (opens new window).

This documentation is basic guide and we will be added more sections to it time to time and keep improving these so that you don't have to wait our response but check the documentation to settle any issue or get answer to your question. We appreciate your help, support and patience, it means a lot, encourages us to keep improving the item.

# About MPS

Modern POS Solution (MPS) is all in once business solution developed by Tecdiray IT Solutions. MPS is developed using Vuejs (front-end) and Laravel (back-end). All licenses come with source code of back-end but the front-end source code is not included in regular license. If you need to modify the item's front-end for yourself or your clients then you will need to purchase standard or extended license.

This item is compatible with most of the tax systems including SST, VAT and state level taxes such as in Canada & India.

We have tried to make this documentation as comprehensive as we can and will keep update time to time with new details and FAQs. Please read the manual and if you can't find answer of your questions, please ask at support portal (opens new window)

# Some of the main features of the Modern POS Solution are as following:

  • Sales
  • Purchases
  • Locations
  • Quotations
  • Gift Cards
  • Custom Fields
  • Shortcut Keys
  • Recurring Sales
  • Accounts and Asset Transfers
  • Return Order (Sale & Purchase)
  • Item Promotions
  • Event Calendar
  • Expenses & Incomes
  • Brands and Categories
  • Stock Adjustments & Transfers
  • Multiple Taxes per item and order
  • Items (Standard, Service, Recipe & Combo)
  • Item Units and Modifiers (add-ons)
  • Customers, Customer Groups & Suppliers
  • Restaurant features like Halls, Tables, Recipes and User Impersonating (easy login)
  • Payments module with offline and online payment options
    • Accept PayPal payments
    • Accept Credit Card Payments with any of the following
      • Stripe
      • PayPal Pro
      • PayPal Rest
      • Authorize.net
      • More will added in future (local gateway request should be made with developer account details of the gateway)
  • Custom Fields module to add extra fields to
    • Item
    • Payment
    • Location
    • Asset Transfers
    • Income & Expense
    • Customer and Supplier
    • Sale, Delivery & Purchase
    • Quotation and Return Order
    • Stock Adjustment and Transfer
    • Custom Field with sort order & following types
      • Text
      • Number
      • Select
      • Textarea
      • Checkbox
      • Radio
      • Date
      • Date Time
  • Enable/disable stock feature (Inventory)
  • Easily configure-able with Settings module
  • Comes Configure-able User Roles
    1. Super (super admin)
      • Can perform all actions
    2. Customer and Supplier Roles are reserved
    3. Add as many as you want and set permissions as you need
  • Reports
    1. Alerts
      • Due Payments
      • Expense Approvals
      • Low Quantity Items
      • Expiring Quantity Items
      • Coming Recurring Sales
      • Customer and Supplier due limit
    2. Account, customer and supplier transactions with opening and closing balance for the selected date range
    3. Items Report
    4. Sales Report
    5. Purchases Report
    6. Payments Report
    7. Incomes Report
    8. Expenses Report
    9. Stock Transfer Report
    10. Stock Adjustment Report
    11. User clock time logs
    12. Activity logs
    13. POS Register Report
    14. You can request more reports at https://github.com/Tecdiary/mps-guide/discussions/new?category=ideas (opens new window)
  • Progressive Web App, you can add it to home on your tablet/mobile devices and use as mobile application. All the get requests will be cached but you need to be online to make post/put/delete requests.

# Emails

Disabled on demo - Emails are disabled on demo.

System will send emails as following:

  1. User Created → User will be informed once created by super
  2. Admin Reset User Password → User will be informed once password reset by super
  3. Sale Created → Customer will be informed that sale has been created
  4. Purchase Created → Supplier will be informed that purchase has been created
  5. Payment Created → Customer/Supplier will be informed that payment has been created
  6. Payment Received → Customer will be informed that payment has been received

Feedback Required - We will add more email options as we receive feedback from you.

# Report Bug

You can report issues, bugs and errors by opening issue https://github.com/Tecdiary/mps-guide/issues/new?labels=bug (opens new window)

Please test the issue on live demo before reporting and provide details of the error/bug with steps to reproduce it.

We will be working closely with all of you to resolve the issues/bugs/error as soon as possible. However for feature requests, these will be considered for next update except reports related request.

# Demo Details

Link: https://mps.tecdiary.net/ (opens new window)

You can select super or staff to login as and try our demo.

# Feature Request

Please use the repo discussions (opens new window) to request feature for the future updates.

# Support Request

If you can't find answer here in docs, you are suggested to ask question at support portal https://tecdiary.net/support/modern-point-of-sale-solution (opens new window). Please be patient while accepting our response as it could take 1 - 2 working days to respond.

# Partnership/Bulk Licenses

If you are interested in partnership or need bulk license discount, please reach to us by emailing to saleem@tecdiary.com