# Welcome to TSMS Docs

Tailor Shop Management System Documentation

version 1.0.0

# About TSMS

Tailor Shop Management System (TSMS) is all in once business solution developed by Tecdiray IT Solutions.

TSMS is developed using vue (front-end) and laravel (back-end). All licenses come with source code of back-end but the front-end source code is not included in regular license. If you need to modify the item's front-end for yourself or your clients then you will need to purchase standard or extended license.

We have tried to make this documentation as comprehensive as we can and will keep update time to time with new details and FAQs. Please read the manual and if you can't find answer to

# Some of the main features of the Tailor Shop Management System are as following:

  • Orders module
  • Payments module
  • Services module
  • Customers module
  • Customer Measurements module
  • Expenses module
  • Built-in User & Salaries module
  • Multiple Taxes option
  • Easily configure-able with Settings module
  • Comes with 1 User Roles
    1. Owner (shop owner)
      • Can perform all actions
    2. Tailor (shop staff)
      • Can't delete any data/records
      • Can add/edit/view almost all data except settings, taxes, users & salaries.
  • Progressive Web App, you can add it to home on your tablet/mobile devices and use as mobile application. All the get requests will be cached but you need to be online to make post/put/delete requests.

# Notifications (Emails & Nexmo)

Disabled on demo!

Notifications are disabled on demo.

System will send emails as following:

  1. User Created - User will be informed once created by super
  2. Admin Reset User Password - User will be informed once password reset by super
  3. Order Created - Customer will be informed that sale has been created
  4. Order Updated - Supplier will be informed that purchase has been created
  5. Payment Created - Customer/Supplier will be informed that payment has been created
  6. Payment Received - Customer will be informed that payment has been received

Require feedback!

We will add more email options as we receive feedback from you.

# Available Reports

We has added 4 reports. For more reports, we need your feedback. Once we have enough data and finalized the reports, we will add them in future updates.

  1. General Report displays total income, expense, sale and purchase amounts.
  2. Customer Report displays customer related general report.
  3. User Report displays user related general report.
  4. Tax Report displays tax related data with amounts.

Require feedback!

We will add more reports as we receive feedback from you.

# Report Bug

You can report issues, bugs and errors at our trello board by adding new can card. The trello board can be found at https://github.com/Tecdiary/tsms-guide/issues

Please test the issue on live demo before reporting and add card to correct list with as much details as you can provide.

We will be working closely with all of you to resolve the issues/bugs/error as soon as possible. However for feature requests, these will be considered for next update except reports related request.

# Demo Details

Link: https://tsms.tecdiary.net/

You can select owner or staff to login as and try our demo.

# Requirements

  • PHP 7.3+
  • MySQL 5.7.8+
  • Installer will check other requirements

# Feature Request

Please use the Support Portal to request feature for the future updates.

# Support Request

If you can't find answer here in docs, you are suggested to post questions at Support Portal. Please be patient while accepting our response as it could take 24 - 48 hours to get response.

# Partnership/Bulk Licenses

If you are interested in partnership or need bulk license discount, please reach to us by emailing to support@tecdiary.com