# Sili Multi-Purpose Single Page Template

# SILI is Modern & Elegant design of multiple purpose HTML Template. Any business can flourish in a very short span of time through building their website with Sili Template. It is developed using CSS Grid & SASS.

# Free Download

We offer free download of all our themes. You can modify the html files and upload to your server. Get ready in minutes for your web page.

If you need to modify the styles or javascript code, you will need to purchase developer/extended license that comes with full source code and can be modified easily using sass and js files.

# Developer/Extended License

As you know developer/extended license comes with full source code and can be modified.

The files are structured as following:

src: source folder containing js & sass files.
theme: contains html files and assets folder, js and sass files will be compiled to this assets folder.

# Javascript:

You can modify the src/js/app.js file

# Styles:

You can modify the src/sass/app.scss that contains the import of all section files. All the sass variables are in src/sass/app/utilities/_variables.scss

# How to start

npm i              // or `yarn` to install the dependencies

// Start lite server
npm run serve      // or `yarn run serve` to start server and access it at http://localhost:8000

// Compile development
npm run dev        // or `yarn run dev`

// Watch development
npm run watch      // or `yarn run watch`

// Production build
npm run prod       // or `yarn run prod` to compile for production

# Support

All purchases comes with 6 months of free support, ask support questions at support portal https://tecdiary.net/support. If you have downloaded the free version and need support, you can pay as you ask.

# Request feature (new section)

If you have purchased template, you can request feature/template section and we will consider them in future updates.